High Priestess

by Ingrid Gerdes



In a way, Ingrid Gerdes’ new album, High Priestess, is a throwback to days when a recording artists approached a new project as a complete package — a song cycle — built around a particular theme. Every track was written and produced and sequenced in a way that would convey a certain emotion or experience for the listener.

Largely a thing of the past in this age of single-song downloads, many artists and producers now concern themselves with recording only songs they believe will sell apart from a collection. They compile songs not necessarily connected to one another that they hope will be popular enough with their fans to sell them online. There’s often no concept or plan.

Ingrid took an old-school approach to her new release, High Priestess, choosing instead to attempt to create an experience for her fans through a complete collection. Brought together by her unique blues-rock sensibilities, the result feels like summer in the South. It is at times both cool and hot, breezy and still, and imbued with a shot of sass to Gerdes’ hot buttered soul, Dusty-in-Memphis delivery.


released September 2, 2014

Produced by Ingrid Gerdes, I.L.G Music
Co-Producers: Craig Welsch, Milt Reder
Recorded at Rear Window Studio Brookline, MA
Engineered and Mixed by Craig Welsch
Mastered by: Kevin Metcalfe
All Songs written by Ingrid Gerdes
Copyright Ingrid Gerdes 2014

Lead and background vocals: Ingrid Gerdes
Guitar: Milt Reder
Bass: Brad Hallen
Drums: Mark Teixeira
Wurlitzer,Organ, Lap Steel: Aaron Lipp
Horn Section: Brian Thomas, Mark Berney, Jared Sims
Harmonica: Garrett “G Love” Dutton
Organ on “Pride”: Ken Clark
Percussion: Jamemurrell Stanley
Group vocals on “Missouri Limestone,” and “Water Through Your Hands”: Julie Jacobsz, James Owens

CD Design: Andrew Ballagh
Front cover photography by JJ Miller
Inside jacket photography by Ingrid Gerdes
Back cover Photography by Erika Murray



all rights reserved


Ingrid Gerdes Boston, Massachusetts

Boston soul singer Ingrid Gerdes’ gospel-meets-R&B voice has earned
her more than one comparison to greats like Irma Thomas and Mavis
Staples, and the title of her new album, High Priestess, helps conjure images of a vocalist trained in a Mississippi Delta choir loft, spending
Sundays praising the Lord and raising the roof.
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Track Name: Fire

My light was out
I was turned off
Spent sleepless nights
Worrying bout paths left uncrossed

Then you came along
With your bag of tricks
You lit me up Baby
Yes you know you did

I’m electrified
In your presence
Now my sleepless nights
Spent worrying bout your intentions

Pre Chorus:
You can give me what I want
But can you give me what I need
And the only way through this is to burn
And I’m on Fire
I’m on Fire

V2: Won’t you put me out
Turn me to ash
You fan my flames with every
Naughty Pass

I need some water
Pour it on me babe
You gotta cool me down
Before I blaze

You can give me what I want
But can you give me what I need

C: And the only way through this is to Burn
And I’m on Fire
I’m on Fire

Burn baby burn baby burn x’s 4

You can give me what I want
I think that you can you give me what I need
And the only way through this is to Burn
And I’m on Fire
I’m on Fire
I’m on Fire
I’m on Fire
Burn baby burn baby burn